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My name is Bess, and I have been sewing for almost as long as I can remember.  My first sewing project was a little cloth doll that my mother helped me sew.  The face was “embroidered” on with the help of my veterinarian father, using suture stitches.  It was quite the work of art.

I soon graduated to sewing more professional things, such as custom clothing for my dolls and puppets made from various household objects.

When I reached high school age, I absolutely hated the current fashion (midriff tops, hip-huggers, extremely low-cut shirts).  The current fashion disliked me too–I could never find anything that looked good on me.  So, being a fan of the fashions of yesteryear, I decided to begin making my own clothes from classic vintage patterns.

A huge box full of vintage patterns that I bought from an antique shop for $5 (oh yeah!) was my inspiration, and the beginning of my journey to becoming a proficient seamstress and vintage fashion enthusiast.  And here I am today–Sewist, blogger, mother, and world traveler.  My homesteading has been put on hold for a bit while we are adventuring overseas, but you might still see a goat or two on here when I receive updates from home and as we are planning our new homestead back in the states.

I hope to share my sewing experiences with you here–my thoughts, ideas, projects, triumphs, tragedies, and frustrations.

My goal is to reach out to the normal, everyday home sewist, and I hope we can enjoy each other’s company and inspire each other on the road to becoming the best sewists we can be!



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