My First Military Ball

Davis and  I have been married for 6 1/2 years now, and next month will be the first military ball we attend together.  I must confess that I am quite excited.  I’ve always wanted to have an opportunity to make myself an evening gown.

My one qualm is that I am still a little heavier and rounder than usual right now.  I’ve been trying very hard not to let that bother me, but when it comes to sewing clothes for myself, the issue of my weight is a big discouragement.  I cling to the hope that I will eventually lose that 15+ pounds; in which case I will have spent the time, effort, and funds creating a beautiful garment that I won’t fit into any more.  That is why my go-to outfit lately has been a baggy T-shirt and leggings.  It’s a bit depressing.


Maybe I need to try this method.

When I first heard about the ball, my thought was, “Oh, I need to lose this weight before then so that I can look nice in a ball gown!”  Shortly thereafter, I laughed at myself and decided that THAT was not going to happen in one month, with three little ones, no house, and a billion things going on in our lives.  So I have resolved to suck it up, and make a beautiful evening dress that fits my body as it is now.  It will be OK!

My budget cannot accommodate the asking price of most vintage evening dress sewing patterns.  Even if it could, I have a hard time paying over $40 for a single pattern, especially as one who finds and sells them.  I really do appreciate the rarity and value of these gorgeous patterns, though, and I begrudge the sellers not!

That said, I ended up going with a late 70’s pattern, while my initial thought was 30’s.  Here she is:


Simplicity 9277–I’m making view 3!

I thought this gown (v. 3) would be flattering on my figure, as well as appropriate for a November ball.  I chose a burgundy chiffon for the over-dress, and a matching crepe for the fitted underdress.  Both fabrics ended up being on sale for 40% off, too–whoopee!  I’m going to do a peach-colored handmade flower for the waistband.  Or maybe a light blue flower.  I haven’t decided yet.  I am also going to alter the pattern to make a shallow V-back, just to add a little sha-bang.

When was the last time I got dressed up all fancy-like?  I can’t even remember, honestly.  These days I feel like a huge success if I manage to take a shower and not have bed-head.

Photo on 10-20-17 at 1.26 PM

Today: Shower, kinda (last night); Bed-head, very much so.

I’m also a little nervous about wearing a fancy evening gown with this short hair-do.  I don’t know why I feel nervous about that.  I suppose I feel like it won’t be glamorous enough, and I’m not sure exactly how to make my hair look glamorous right now.

Have you ever made a fancy-shmancy evening gown?  Share your thoughts–I’d love to hear ’em!



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