Finally: A Finished Maternity Top!

I’m currently growing baby number 3 (due in March!), and this is the first time I have actually completed a maternity garment.  I’m slightly ashamed of this.  However I must not be too hard on myself–I really dislike being pregnant, and typically feel pretty awful most of the way through it, so I guess it’s understandable that I haven’t felt like whipping up garments left and right.

Also, I’ve been pretty occupied lately working on baby toys for my business, Sweet Cozy Baby.  I am grateful to have had several orders over the past few weeks, and sold a bunch at a local craft show, so that has kept me busy!

We’ve also been moving, moving again, and in the process of building our own home on our own property up in the mountains, which is a little time-consuming as well.  But I digress.

I have to tell you guys, this pattern was a dream to sew up.  It was so nicely designed, and everything just fell into place beautifully with little-to-no need for improvisation.  The garment went together easily, and was a pleasure to sew.

Part of this was because I took it slow and made sure to hand baste my way through the process.  Have I mentioned before how wonderful it is to actually baste things together BY HAND when the pattern suggests it?  It makes your life so much easier, guys.  And your garments much more lovely.  This is especially true with setting sleeves.

This top was made using McCall’s 6686, version A.  I should have worn it with a strand of pearls.  And gloves.  Just like the envelope illustration.  Alas–I have neither right now (everything is in storage!), so a pair of gold hoop earrings had to do!  The collar is very wide-set, and really a perfect frame for a pretty pearl necklace.


River and I posed for some photos outside at my parents’ place today.  You can see their Angora goats behind the fence.  Our goats are in the other paddock, healthy and happy (and two of them pregnant, hopefully!).

Here are some photos on the dress form (sorry, our house has horrible lighting):

Up-close of the buttons (I spent way too much money on these) (the fabric was thrifted, though, so I guess it balances out…):

I didn’t have any “matching” hem tape, but I have SO MUCH HEM TAPE that I felt I really ought to use some from my stash.  I opted for this pretty dark teal-ish color lace.  It’s one of those nobody-else-is-going-to-see-it-but-I-know-it’s-there splashes of color that are fun to add to garments.

Just for fun, I put in a cute tag that I bought in Korea.

So there you have it!  My fist actual completed maternity garment, worn to Thanksgiving dinner 2016 with baby #3.  I am dying to make myself a beautiful Vogue maternity Christmas dress.  We shall see if that actually comes to pass or not.

Happy Thanksgiving!


One thought on “Finally: A Finished Maternity Top!

  1. Hi Bess! I sure would LOVE to see all of you guys! We did spend Thanksgiving with Paul’s family. We missed all of you, but had a great time. I love your new top you made, Your sewing skills amaze me! Hope we can see you soon! Love, Aunt Jayne

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