Another Old Dress


I went to VinPrime again yesterday and found a few noteworthy vintage dresses that were MAJORLY on sale.

My favorite one, however, I paid full price for.  A whopping  ₩15,000.  That’s only about $13.00, so I felt like it was a pretty good deal.

This dress is from the 60’s or early 70’s.  Handmade, and gorgeously tailored.  I took some photos for you of the inside and the outside so that you can drool over the details with me!


First of all, THAT FABRIC. Secondly, THESE BUTTONS!


They were covered with foil when I bought the dress, which I have never seen before.  If you have any idea why the owner might have done that, feel free to comment and let me know.  I’m super curious.  Maybe just to keep them looking nice while it was cleaned?

The front buttons to the waist and then has a zipper that goes down about 7″.  At the bottom of the lapped front there is a snap, which has broken and I will need to replace.

All of the buttonholes are delicately bound.

Now let’s take a look at the inside!

The skirt lining  is secured to the dress by hand with tiny stitches.  The dress skirt itself is pleated in the front and back, but the lining is simply darted.

Here’s a look at the zipper:

And I love how the maker reinforced the shoulders!


Bra strap holders are in place, which is uncommon (at least in my experience) in shirt dresses but super cool!


Most seams are finished with pink bias binding.

But blanket stitch was used to finish the back yoke seam.

A simple hem.


The lining back seam was machine stitched and then hand stitched before being pressed.  I’m sure this is a tailoring technique that I have not learned yet!


All-in-all a lovely dress.  I can’t wait to wear it.  It needs a couple repairs–one button is broken (I will replace it with the button from under the collar, which I will not use and you will not be able to notice is missing), and then the snap that I mentioned above.  Once everything is fixed, I’ll be sure to take a photo or two of me actually wearing it!

Here are the other gems I found at VinPrime:

The “Trees and People” shirt:

70’s Tailored Dress with Yellow Buttons:

Cute go-go-esque dress, which looks like it’s from the 60’s:

Have you found any cute vintage garments lately?  Do tell!



2 thoughts on “Another Old Dress

  1. Wow- LOVE that dress with the foil over the buttons. It is beautiful! So intricately made! I really appreciate your showing me the awesome skills of the Korean people! I do want to see the dress on you. I love you!!

  2. It turned out so great Bessie! I wish I knew the first thing about sewing. I guess I’ll live vicariously through you. I love that vintage dress at the bottom with the orange flowers too btw!

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