Two 60’s Dresses from Korea

Handmade Black Party Dress
This dress has a full skirt with pleats on the front and back and has 3/4 sleeves.  It’s a simple dress, and unlined, but looks absolutely adorable on!  It’s about 1″ too small for me in the waist, but I can squeeze into it if I suck in and hold my breath.  The dress is made of a black poly-something blend with pretty embroider allover.  Very nicely finished and seems to be in great shape!

I’m thinking about taking out the waist a little so I can keep it.  If I do, I’ll take a picture of it actually on so you can appreciate it better than just on the hanger.


Mitsukoshi Sheath
I hate that I couldn’t model this for you, but the sleeve lining has come unstitched so I need to repair that before I can wear it.  This is a bombshell dress!  The first time I tried it on, I positively felt like Marilyn Monroe.  Another simple dress, but this one is very much a designer dress with lots of lovely details.  It is by Mitsukoshi, a Japanese designer.  I love the elbow darts and snaps at the forearm.  It is fully lined and made of a pretty black crepe.

Both of these dresses were also on the 5,000 won rack.  Yep, I paid less than $10 for these two lovely specimens!  I guess Koreans are more into 1980’s than 1960’s…

which is fine with me.




One thought on “Two 60’s Dresses from Korea

  1. Hey Bessie!! I LOVE seeing your posts! I just can’t find the time to sit down and reply! You have such a talent and passion about these clothes! I truly admire that! We are all doing well. Uncle Paul & I are having fun with Charlie- he is 9 dos. now. We had a blast on Christmas- well- a bit overshadowed by Skylar’s news, but we enjoyed being at your folks home. We sue missed you, Davis, Evvie and River! I love you and please let me hear how you guys are!
    Aunt Jayne

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