A Cozy French Press + Next Project!

Today I took a look at my French press, and it was looking a little chilly.  I might have actually been projecting my own chilliness onto the French press, but nevertheless, I made up my mind that she needed something cozy to keep her warm.

I’ve actually been meaning to make a cozy for my French press for some time now.  Maybe even years.  Somehow I just keep forgetting about it–the thought flashes through my mind each time I make a pot of coffee and disappears by the time I’ve taken the last sip.

I searched online for some ideas, and found several tutorials and free patterns.  My favorite was from Sew4Home. I liked the general design and construction.  However I wanted my cozy to be a little cozier (as in, fit more closely and tightly around my FP), so I decided to use Sew4Home’s basic plan and tweak it a bit.  (Thanks, Sew4Home!)

To begin, I measured my press.  It is 12.5″ in circumference, and 6″ from the top of the handle to the bottom of the press. I wanted my cozy to start right at the top of the handle, fasten underneath it, and stretch to the bottom, so my pieces ended up looking like this:
IMG_3034 IMG_3032

In retrospect, I’m not sure what I was thinking exactly, but I should have made the main rectangle about an inch wider.  The finished product turned out great, though, so I’m not going to cry about it.


This (above) is an adorable linen fabric I found in Dongdaemun last year.  I’ve been waiting for the perfect project to use it in, and this was it!  The underside is made from an unbleached medium weight canvas.  I cut a rectangle of cotton batting that was 1/2″ smaller all around than the basic rectangle shape of the pattern.  The batting was 1/2″ smaller all around because I was using a 1/2″ seam allowance, and that would cut back on bulkiness in the seams.


Ok, I’m sorry, I didn’t take construction pictures because I was too excited and I didn’t think about it.  But basically, I stitched the batting to the center of the underside, stitching 1/16″ from the edge of the batting.  Then I placed the outside fabric on top of the underside, right sides together, and stitched, leaving about a 2″ opening in the bottom edge for turning.  Clipped corners, trimmed seams, turned right-side out, and top-stitched around the entire thing, closing up the opening on the bottom.  I had one little blippity-boop fold at the bottom when I was finished–whoops.  Oh well. Add’s character, right?

Next I sewed a 1″ wide piece of velcro to each edge.  Box-stitched it.  Oh yeah.


^ That’s the view from the underside. ^

Here is the *almost* finished product (E said, “Put my coffee cup in the picture, too!”):

I really thought I was finished.  But as I gazed upon this lovely cozy, in my mind I saw the words “Cozy Coffee” embroidered on the front in gold.  Oh the cuteness!  I had to do it.


None of the gold-toned floss I had looked right, and I ended up going with a pretty, light blue-grey instead.


My hands needed to embroider something anyway.  It soothes my soul. ❤

Alright, are you ready for finished product, for real this time?  We tested it out this morning with our Paris Baguette breakfast.  Here it goes!


IMG_3056 IMG_3057

What do you think?  Have you made a cozy for your French press?  Do you use a French press?  If you don’t you should try it sometime–it’s one of my favorite methods of brewing coffee.  Mmmmm.

My next project is in muslin-phase right now!  I’ll be posting about it soon, so stay tuned!





3 thoughts on “A Cozy French Press + Next Project!

  1. You are so cool! I love the fabric you used! I need to use my sewing machine again soon! She’s been a bit lonely as I haven’t had much time. Can’t wait to see what you sew next. Happy crafting! Miss you!

    • Thank you Brittany! It is really hard to find time to sew with a baby. That’s why this blog has been so sadly neglected the past couple years! But you totally should dust off the old machine when you have time. We can be overseas sewing buddies. 😀 Miss you guys too, and can’t wait to see you next year!

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