A Simple Skirt For Me


Lately I have had my hands full.

Full with two little ones, full with housework to do and meals to make, full with orders for my toy business.  Full with our fun new adventure overseas.  My hands have been full in a joyful, fun, exciting, sometimes crazy, and a little bit stressful sort of way, so it was very nice to have a few moments this afternoon to whip up a simple gathered skirt for myself.

DSC07031 Our local fabric store had a huge sale this past week.  Two yard cuts of fabric for $5!  Can you imagine?  Of course I went hog-wild.  How could I let such a sale get past me without snagging at least 18 yards of fabric?  Amongst the many lovely fabrics I choose was a beautiful brown, western-ish, old-fashioned stripe that instantly made me think “gathered skirt!”

DSC07072 This was a very simple, easy skirt to make.  I constructed it similarly to this DIY at Extra Petite.  Elastic waistband because, let’s just be honest, they are so much more comfortable (and easy–I needed something that I could whip up while kids were entertained).



Because my time is minimal, I used simple techniques like pinking the seams and machine stitching the hem (I used a long zig-zag stitch).  The end result?  It is love!!!



And of course you ALWAYS have to have a fun pocket lining!


Next in line is this number, in this beautiful cotton (that I purchased 4 yards of for $10 the other day…just had to rub it in!):


Anyeonghasayo from Korea!



3 thoughts on “A Simple Skirt For Me

  1. Hey Bess! It is great to see you and the kiddos! I love the skirt! You are so talented! I am proud of you! We miss you and can’t wait to see you guys in June? Much love, Jayne, Paul, Cole, Sam, and Casey. 🙂

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