Korea Projects



Hello Blogsphere!

We have successfully relocated and are getting to know our new surroundings.  One of the first places I had to locate was a good fabric store, and locate one I did!

This store is a-MAZ-ing.  Gorgeous cottons, loads of notions, pillow inserts, stuffing, batting, anything and everything you need.  Most of the fabric was $4 a yard.  Yes, you read that right.  FOUR. DOLLARS. A. YARD.

(Or I guess I should say FOUR. THOUSAND. WON. A. YARD.)

So of course I went overboard and bought like a gazillion yards of fabric.  (Not really, but I did buy a LOT.)

My first project was to make some pillows for our sterile beige vinyl couch.


As you can see, this poor couch needed some coziness.  Badly.  So I took some of the beautiful floral cotton that I bought and made some big pillows with pin tucks that I just love.  I also made a couple smaller pillows using a vintage sheet that I brought with me to make stuffies.  Used the sheet for the MC and the floral fabric for details.  I love how they turned out.


My next project, which happened this afternoon, was to re-cover the raggedy pad for the changing table that we were given.  It’s a really cute little table, but the changing pad cover had torn and it was just kinda yucky.


So I bought some really adorable oilcloth and set to work!


Here are some pics of the process, in case you are interested (I know you are).


DSC04174 (Pinning the corners to fit)

DSC04178 (A sewn corner)

DSC04176 (It fits!!!)

DSC04179 (Stuffing the foam pad into the new lining)


I just love how it turned out!  And I feel much better about changing my babies booties on this nice, clean and adorable changing pad!

Well, that is all for now folks.

Wait, one more thing…