Giveaway Extended

Hello friends!

I am very sorry to do this to those of you who have already entered the giveaway, but as I have had so little response (five entries) (thank you, five entrants!), I feel that it would be good to extend the giveaway for one extra week.  If, at the end of that week, I still only have five entries, then so be it!

Soooo, the new deadline for entering my big giveaway is March 16th.

In the meantime, I’m having an even BIGGER sale at the shop: 50% off EVERYTHING!  This sale will last until March 24th.  Great time to stock up on some awesome patterns for next to nothin’!

You can find the giveaway post here. 🙂

Oh, and I promise I will write some posts about something other than the giveaway this week.  I still need to make a proper introduction for Miss Maybelle, Irma’s baby girl.  I also need to finish that dang maternity top and post about it.  I just needs hemming, but we’ve been so busy around here I haven’t been able to get to it!




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