Pattern Picks!

This week we are going to features some more “modern” vintage patterns that borrow styles from our favorite retro years.

Have you ever noticed that styles are mirrored in certain decades?  For example, the 60’s and the 20’s (dropped waist dresses, pleats, hemlines, straight silhouette), the 70’s and the 30’s (flouncy puffy sleeves, long slender silhouette, etc), the 80’s and the 40’s (shoulder pads, knee-length dresses, very “professional” working woman feel).  Then came the 90’s and who knows what the heck they were thinking for the most part.  Alright, I suppose there are a few good 90’s dress designs that are reminiscent of the 50’s (just a bit bulkier in general).

The cool thing about patterns like these is that they are often much less expensive than their older inspirations, so you can sew retro without having to spend a small fortune.

Anywho, let’s move on!  These are mostly examples of 80’s does 40’s and 50’s. 😉

1. Vogue 1861: 70’s does 30’s


2. Simplicity 8011: Late 80’s does late 40’s


3. Simplicity 7443: 80’s does 50’s


4. Simplicity 5100: Another great 80’s does 50’s (one of my favorites!)


5. Vogue 1375: An awesome 80’s does 40’s (or even late 30’s, if those weren’t kimono sleeves)


What is your favorite decade for mirrored styles?




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