Pattern Picks!

Yesterday was a little eventful, and I wasn’t able to get to all of my usual Monday To-Do list items, such as “Post pattern picks for the week.”

So here they are, a day late, but still pretty awesome if I do say so myself!

1. McCall’s 5829: One-piece swim suit, proportioned to your size!


2. Anne Adams 4704: Sundress with tie straps and v-neck


3. Simplicity 3333: Hooded dress.  What more is there to say?


4. Baby goat


Whoops, I mean 4. Advance 7833: Really cute raglan-sleeved blouse


5. Simplicity 2624: Ok, this one is not really anything super special (although it is a pretty pattern), but take a look at the back of the envelope:


Ha!  Some lady of days past blotted her lipstick on this pattern.  You don’t see that very often.  It is little discoveries like these that make pattern collecting so much fun.  Most of the time all you see is an envelope, instructions and pieces, but every once-in-awhile some little bit of history just happens to pop out at you.

Or smooch you.

Have a lovely day!



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