Maternity Shirt Muslin: Simplicity 3344

Yesterday I pulled out some practice fabric and this darling pattern to make up a muslin for my first maternity shirt!


I’m making v. 3, short sleeved with the awesomely huge collar.  I found this cutie-pie pattern at Miss Betty’s Attic.


Turns out the previous owner of this sewing pattern had the same taste as me, except she made v. 3 with three-quarter sleeves instead of short sleeves.  I like that idea–if this top turns out nice, I might make another one up like that.

The top went together pretty easily, with only a couple hitches.  Now I was slightly distracted with a one-year-old running around and wanting to sit in my lap while I sewed…


…so this could have been an absent-minded mistake on my part.  However it seemed as if the front neckline was missing about 1″ in length.  The collar did not fit–it overhung on each side by about 1/2″.  Also, the pleat inlay which is stitched to the inside of the shirt had about 1″ of extra fabric, so I could not pull the front edges of the collar together unless I made an extra little pleat in the pleat (which of course looked terrible).  I’ll have to get that figured out before I make up the real thing.

Forgive the wonky-looking collar–I messed it up a little, but you get the picture!  Also, in these pictures I have not attached the sleeves yet.


The instructions were a bit unclear as to how to finish v. 3, but I believe the neck fastens with a hook and eye at the center-front.

For the real version, I will be using this wonderful vintage sheet that my sister Skylar gave me for Christmas.  Isn’t it soooo pretty?


I haven’t decided if I want to add the welt pockets or not.  What do you think?



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