This Week’s Pattern Picks

Just wanted to share a few of my favorite new listings for this week!

1. Anne Adams 4557: So, so lovely! Love the skirt seaming detail in the front.  Kinda reminiscent of the 30’s (except that everything else about the dress screams 50’s!)

Scan 1342

2. Simplicity 3039: This dress is simply stunning.  No words.  Plus, the back of the pattern envelope is missing and the instructions are not in super shape, so it’s listed at a very good price! 😉

Scan 1341

3. Simplicity 2040:  I LOVE this one.  If I wasn’t sporting a baby belly right now this would be on my spring “To Sew” list for sure.  I’d make the fitted version with the bow.  What about you?

Scan 1335

4. Simplicity 7802: This is another style that I really adore–late 60’s A-lines.  Especially with the cute white collars and bows.

Scan 1331

What is on your spring sewing agenda?

Have a lovely week!



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