Oh Applesauce


Autumn has brought with it an abundance of one of my favorite fruits.


I bought a few pounds of apples from a nice farmer at the flea market the other day.  They just looked so beautifully natural and un-waxed, and smelled so amazingly delicious.  I couldn’t help myself!


(My helper, Applesauce Face Miller)

So the question was, what to do with all of these lovely apples?  I couldn’t let them go bad.  So I decided to make some applesauce.


Here is the recipe I used.  I made it with all the spices (except cardamom, I was out so I subbed a little nutmeg), two tablespoons of raw honey, and a squirt of lemon juice.

This recipe is for the pressure cooker, which is an amazing tool for cooking.  I think everyone ought to have a pressure cooker.  Don’t worry, the new ones aren’t dangerous and won’t explode like your grandmother’s used to.

Pressure cookers are wonderful because they keep all of the flavors and nutrients right in the pot, instead of letting them escape into the air.  They are also nifty because they cook SUPER fast.  Like you can cook an 8-hour crock-pot recipe in the pressure cooker in 10-20 minutes.  The applesauce took 15 minutes to cook.  So easy.

All right, I’m done with my pressure cooker schpiel. 😉  On to applesauce! 

It is delectable.  Tastes like apple cider.  That you can eat. 


And don’t you just love this awesome vintage jar???

That is all for now, folks!  I’ve been commissioned to sew a 50’s dress for a friend of mine for Halloween, so be checking in for photos and project info soon!




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