Pixie Hat


Evelyn needed a hat for the fall and winter.


I found this pattern online awhile ago, but had yet to make it.  The crisp, cool fall-ish weather was super inspiring, so I pulled out my needles and some yarn and went to work!  Used a cute vintage button as the finishing touch.


How adorable is this hat???


I loved the pattern.  Very easy.  Sweet, simple, and very vintage-looking.  I really want to buy her book, “Knitting Gifts for Baby“.  The picture on the cover looks delectable.  Oh, and I found a very easy DIY tutorial on making pom poms (somehow I forgot how to do it–guess it’s been awhile!).


When we first tried the hat on baby E, I took her into the bathroom so she could see herself in the mirror.  She took one look and started laughing her butt off.  She either really liked her new hat, or thought it looked pretty goofy. 😉


Have you been knitting lately?



2 thoughts on “Pixie Hat

  1. The hat is SO adorable, and perfect for an adorable baby!!

    I’ve picked up knitting again, and the project in the works currently is a scarf pattern that is introducing me to stitches that feel really hard at first but now seem really easy. 🙂 My next big goal is to try out circular needles.

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