Shoe Art

Some of my favorite art that I have ever done is on a pair of shoes.


My husband (who was just my good friend at the time) commissioned these one summer. He bought a pair of plain khaki shoes as Walmart one day and asked me if I would make them awesome with my art.  Since I had a HUGE crush on him at the time (I was completely in love, actually), I agreed.

DSC_0853Let me tell you a little about the art on these shoes.

DSC_0854This is a scene from my teaching room at the place where I used to be a piano instructor.  (Fun fact: I taught piano lessons for about 8 years!)


The picture above is a scene from lunch one day.  I had just eaten at a really neat Japanese bakery in town, and I think I had an Orangina to drink.  You can see the sack lunch and funny shaped bottle sitting atop my journal.  I like the shadows in in this sketch.

DSC_0856This lovely scenery is from Fort Mountain, believe it or not!  I love that sketch.

Hey, I guess you could call these SKETCH-ers. Right?  Riiiight?  Yeah.



This is my little sister Sylvie reading a book on the couch.


And this is my mom’s bookshelf and sheepdog bookend. 🙂  He fell on my sister’s head once.  Ouch.

My husband has never actually worn these shoes–I just did such an amazing job that he doesn’t want to get them dirty I guess.


Who knows, maybe these shoes were a deciding factor in what ended up producing this little booger:


Either way, it was a fun project, made even better because I was creating something for someone I loved.

That makes everything better, doesn’t it?



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