Vintage Baby Toys


My lovely sister Skylar and I have started a new little business.


Baby toys!


Made from vintage sewing patterns!

DSC_0062 The whole thing started with me purchasing some really cute old patterns to make little E some toys.

DSC_0076But then it became addictive.  They are quite fun to make, and do not take much time, so they are easy to whip up.

Here are the patterns I’m using right now:


simplicitystuffedanimalsUtter cuteness.

You can see our new Etsy shop here: SweetCozyBaby

We don’t have much up in the shop yet, but will be posting new toys as we make them. 🙂

Oh, and just in case you are now inspired to do some vintage stuffed animal sewing yourself, here is an AWESOME eBay store that sells copies of vintage toy patterns!  MJ’s Vintage Patterns

She has thousands of patterns–dolls, stuffed animals, doll clothes, REALLY cute embroidery patterns, and more. AND they are waaaaay cheaper than the originals, which cost upwards of $35 (and that’s the low end).

Goodness, I have got to start going to bed at a decent hour.  Bad Bessie.





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