Citrus Lane

Ok, this is a completely non-sewing post.  It is a baby post.  And perhaps a baby pic overload.  I hope you don’t mind. 😉


Have you mommies heard of Citrus Lane?

It is pretty awesome.  We bought I month’s subscription for $15.00 using a coupon (it’s normally $25 a month), and it was absolutely worth it.  Would have been worth $25.00 too!  Each month you are sent a package full of age and gender (if you like) appropriate toys and accessories for your child.  This month was “back to school” themed, so they sent learning type toys for the baby.


We got our package in the mail yesterday, and E was delighted in her awesome new stackable monkey toy and colorful book!


And I was delighted in the awesome bottle strap that keeps your kid from throwing her juice on the nasty ground like they like to do, and by the package of sanitary wipes that come in so handy nowadays.


There was also a sample of my favorite kind of butt cream, Waleda.  And one month’s free subscription to a children’s clothing company.


So somewhere around $75 worth of cool stuff for $15!


They have a really neat rewards program, where if you purchase a box using my link, you get $10 off and I get $10 off.  Once you have purchased your own box, you get a special coupon to share so you can start earning your $10 credits too!

You can use my coupon here.  You are very welcome. 😉



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