A Sister Sewing Day


My lovely sister Skylar (who blogs over at Relish Living) came for a visit this week.  We traveled up to Tennessee to pick up my sewing machine (YAY!), visited a sweet old lady who gave me a  butt-ton of sewing patterns, and then came back home and sewed sewed sewed!


First we made these amazing, beautiful little house slippers from ithinksew.com.  They are called the Olivia Shoes.  OMGosh.  Sew cute, and so easy and fast to make! And the pattern was only $6.  I made mine out of an old pillowcase. 


Next we went through the HUGE box of patterns that the sweet old lady gave me, and found this adorable pattern for little stuffed animals.  We had to make some.


I made a horse.


Sky made an elephant.


Aren’t they precious? 


What a great way to welcome my dear little Bernina back home.  By the way, if any of you live in the Chattanooga area, I highly recommend the Chattanooga Sewing Machine shop.  They did such a great job, and had wonderful customer service.  I drove all the way up there because I had such a bad experience with a local Bernina repair center, and it was totally worth it.


Well, now baby E and I are off to the pool!  I hope you have a lovely day!



3 thoughts on “A Sister Sewing Day

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  2. Bess (and Skylar), this blog def. made me smile! :). You guys are so darn talented! I LOVE the slippers and the animals. So cute and sweet. I have a question for you, Bess. What is a “butt ton” of patterns? Never heard that expression before! Love you and waiting for that invite! :).

  3. Awesome sewing day! Those slippers are so cute like you said! I think I need a pair for when I’m at the hospital for delivery. 😉 You both are so very talented!

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