While we are waiting on my sewing machine to be repaired, I figured I’d entertain you with some pictures of my sweet goaties. 😀


This is Hana.  She is about a year and a half old.  Hana was my very first kid (which was an amazing experience!)


(This is me at Hana’s birth.  Obviously I was totally cool, calm and collected…)


This lovely lady is Irma.  Unfortunately I can never seem to get a good picture of her face.  She is too wiggly.  But here you can see her fluffy fiber that is coming in!




And this handsome fella is Major Tom. 🙂  He is my newest goat, and a very wonderful addition to my little herd.  He is a purebred Nigerian Dwarf goat, with really great milking lines (i.e. his momma had a big milk bag!).  That last picture cracks me up.  His previous owner must have had him very well trained–he just hops right up on the stanchion all by himself, no coaxing needed!  “Ok, I’m ready to get my hooves trimmed!”  My girls would never do that, little divas.

And there you have it, my friends.  My little goat herd.  I love them.

Have a wonderful day!



4 thoughts on “Goaties

  1. Pretty kids!

    I had a milk goat who would jump right up on the stanchion at milking time. She was also house and car broken- our first winter up here it got down to -15 F and I couldn’t work my hands outside. We let her in to milk her, and she just stood there by the wood stove (there was no flooring at the time, just plywood) while I milked her. After I milked her, I let her stay by the wood stove until she went to the door and bahhed. I let her out and she pooped right away! I used the old VW bug to take her to the vet, and she NEVER pooped or peed in the car. The vet didn’t believe me.

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