My First Antique Show: Fail


 This past weekend I had a booth at my very first antique show!

Many weeks were spent preparing for said show–sorting, tagging, counting pattern pieces, designing my awesome booth, packing everything for the show.


The show was a dud. 😦

The show itself was very busy, but I’m telling you what, 90% of the customers who passed by my booth did not even glance at it!

They did not glance at the awesome vintage eyeglasses…


Or the hundreds of beautiful sewing patterns…


Or the racks of vintage shoes and purses…


Or the racks full of awesome vintage clothing, or even this AMAZING 50’s plaid bathing suit (which is listed on eBay right now, in case you are interested :D)…


I was shocked!

At first I was extremely disappointed, as I was really counting on this show to be a success.  The things that I sell are things that I love–things that I would keep for myself if I had the space and didn’t need a little extra income.   I mean, I really have some great items, and figured other people would think so too!  But alas, the majority did not.  In fact, a lot of the middle-aged ladies that passed by my booth laughed at me and made fun of the stuff I was selling!  “Wow, this really is a bunch of junk!”  Made me feel a little like a loser, if I am completely honest.  I thought, Geez, am I really that much of an oddball?  I thought there were more people out there who liked this stuff.

But you know what?  I think it wasn’t so much that I had crappy stuff or that I am a weirdo as it was just a bad venue for me.  Not the right sort of customers, not the right area of town.  So I am not going to be discouraged!

The plan right now is to keep working on my Vintage Home Sewist shop on Etsy–listing lots of new sewing patterns, starting some new sales, really building the shop up–and find another venue (perhaps downtown?) for my clothing and accessories.  What do you guys think?

I hope you are all having a lovely summer so far!  By the way, sorry no sewing posts in awhile.  My machine is broken. 😦 I’m taking it in for repair next week, so hopefully we can get going again on some of those projects soon!




7 thoughts on “My First Antique Show: Fail

  1. Dear Bess,

    I think Midtown is the place for you. Vintage is everywhere! There is a new shopping collaborative called West End Provisions. It has shops that might even carry your items. I got some vintage mirrors from Rough South Home who sells in a store at W.End Provisions, called Atlanta Made. They also are on Etsy. The mirrors are made from GA pine from an old boxcar (railroad). So cool! I would check out this place and maybe in Little Five points, where the place was that Susanna danced- 7 stages. let me know how it goes!

    Love, Aunt jayne

  2. Wow, how very rude of those people!

    Please don’t be discouraged. What I see in your photos are things that are totally hot right now. I personally would have dived into the patterns!

  3. Aw, that’s no good! I am glad you are keeping your chin up. Personally, I would have raided your stall like there was fire ’cause it looks like you have some darling items I would love to take home! It’s probably just as you concluded, wrong venue this time; but I’m sure you’ll find the right spot for you.


  4. Whoa, really? A booth looking like that would be the FIRST place I visited. My antique missions usually go 1) vintage dresses 2) patterns 3) fabric 4) blue mason jars. I would have been all over that! And I really want the plaid swimsuit. Pardon my language, but fuck those rude ladies.

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