Great British Sewing Bee: Challenging Myself


I mentioned the other day that I had an idea I was excited about.  Well, here it is!

Have you watched the amazing new BBC show The Great British Sewing Bee?  If you haven’t, please do so.  It is absolutely amazing.  You can watch it here.  If you have, I’m sure you and I had similar feelings of inspiration throughout the series.  I don’t know about you, but I wanted to join in on every challenge–both to show-off the skills I have, and to grow and perfect the ones that need work.  Wouldn’t it be great to have an expert examine your garments and tell you exactly what needs to be fixed?  Nerve-wracking, and probably a bit humiliating, but great!

I have been crossing my fingers that they will branch out and do a Great American Sewing Bee someday soon (to which I will apply and maybe, just maybe, be accepted), but until then I thought perhaps I’d have a go at the challenges from season 1 on my own, using only vintage sewing patterns of course. 🙂

If you remember, the first challenge was to make an a-line skirt.  I have narrowed it down to two simple a-line skirt patterns, both from the 60’s.  I would make up the simplest version of whichever I chose (no pleats):

Scan 1030


The only difference really is that McCall’s 6098 has a center seam and Advance 9464 does not.   The pleated/wrapped looks of Advance 9464 are actually just trim. 😉  Clever clever!

My favorite a-line skirt pattern that I have in stock is Simplicity 5084, but it is a wrap skirt and one of the most important aspects of the a-line skirt challenge was to install a nice invisible zip.  Alas–we’ll save this one for another day!

Scan 996

So what do you think?  Which skirt pattern would you choose?  And more importantly, anyone interested in doing this challenge with me?  It could be loads of fun!

Well, signing off for the night.



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