Vintage Featherlite Suitcase

Sorry about the lack of posts lately.  We just got back from a trip out to the wine country, which I must say was glorious!  My mother’s family lives out there, so we had an amazing time visiting and seeing the sights.

It’s nice to be home, though. 🙂

Before we left, I went shopping for a used suitcase for myself, as I don’t have one with wheels.  I found one that I liked, along with this beauty:







The funniest thing?  This awesome vintage suitcase was much less expensive than the so-so modern used suitcase I found.  Both were at thrift stores.  Doesn’t make sense, but I’m not complaining!

How do you feel about vintage suitcases?



6 thoughts on “Vintage Featherlite Suitcase

  1. I think they are awesome! Makes one think of who may have used it and where they may have gone! And Bess, I do have a few 31 items for your sewing room if you still need them. Could you consider making an apron for a special friend of mine, Hannah? She has always wanted a full sized apron. I can’t sew a lick and would LOVE for you to make her one. You could use any material that you might have lying around or a combo of materials. The kind that ladies used to wear, that either slip over or tie behind the neck, and tie at the waist. Let me know! I am looking for a box to send you the 31 things. Love you, Aunt jayne 678-898-6870. Hannah’s 25 th birthday is June 25, but that is soon, so really anytime you could make it would be perfect!

      • Hey Bess, I texted you, but wasn’t sure it was the correct # or not! So, just to let you know, uncle Paul and I were up on Lookout Mtn. for a couple of days at a B&B. they had a gift shop that was really great! In the 1/2 off. “bin,” was the perfect apron! So,I went ahead and got it for $8!! So, no worries about that! Do you still need this 31 stuff I have that I will send you if you can/ will use it! I do need your address, please! Let me know! My email is:
        Love, Aunt jayne

  2. The trip to wine country sounds nice. I have been telling my husband we should go there for a visit when my MIL comes up and can watch the bunny. Glad you had a nice time!

    I do love vintage luggage. I have a thing for hard sided suitcases- they area necessity as far as I’m concerned if you are travelling for an event with a a gown. I also really like train cases. I found a red one that was Featherlite brand not too long ago. Your plaid case is very cute!!

    • Abigail, you really should see California. It was absolutely stunningly beautiful. Took my breath away! If and when you go, see if you can fit in a drive down Hwy 1, which goes along the coast. OMGOSH–breathtaking!

      • OH! I thought you meant wine country GA 😉 I have only been through there, but it was gorgeous, and I’d love to go back.
        About 6 years ago the hubs and I were invited to a friend’s wedding in San Francisco, and a day or two before they did a bus ride tour to three Napa Valley wineries. It was gorgeous and delicious 🙂 I think we were asleep by 2 in the afternoon. I’d love to go back!

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