Sewing Room

May I present:  My Temporarily Unfinished Sewing Room!


This room has been weighing on my shoulders for so long.  We have a leak in our basement, and every time we think we have gotten it under control, it gives us more trouble.  Thus our basement, which is huge, has been sitting unfinished and unused for two years.  I’ve been waiting and waiting to be able to finish this space so that I can actually work down here–it is rough living in a small house and having all of your art and sewing supplies strewn across the kitchen and living areas!  Especially when you have two online businesses and stock everywhere as well.  Golf clubs in the guest bathtub anyone? 😉



 I decided to just move my stuff down there and use the space, finished or not. 🙂  I’m so glad I did!


I still need to move some shelving down there for fabric storage.  I have a few things draped on an old quilt rack right now, which I like very much. 🙂


This is the other side of the room.  Eventually this is where my Etsy stock is going to go.


I get to share my workspace with my cute little chickie friends!


So all in all I am very excited.  We will get it finished eventually, but for now this allows us to utilize our space more efficiently and allows me a place to be creative, which I desperately need. 🙂

Anyone have any awesome sewing room organization tips they would like to share??




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