DIY Recycled Reusable Produce Bag Tutorial


This is my first tutorial in a while!  I made one of these reusable produce bags today, and loved the outcome so much that I just had to share.  Super-easy, inexpensive, green, and handy if you hate those flimsy plastic produce bags from the grocery store as much as I do!

Supplies you will need: 

-Cotton fabric (you just need a little tiny bit–less than 1/4 yard will probably do!  Pull out the scrap basket!)

-Mesh produce bag from the grocery store (I used a softer mesh bag, but you could probably use the stiffer plastic ones too) (Mine came from Trader Joe’s)


-Something for a drawstring (I used baling twine, but you could use yarn, hemp, or a sewn strap of your own)


Step 1: Gather your supplies. Remove the tags from the bottom and top of your bag, being careful not to pull on the netting too much so that it holds its shape.IMG_0568 IMG_0569

Step 2: Cut a 5″ x 2.5″ piece of your cotton fabric and fold and press it as if you were making bias tape, turning under the ends about 1/4″ as well. IMG_0570

Step 3: Pin onto the bottom of your bag, enclosing both layers of netting between the layers of fabric.  The netting will overlap itself a little bit–that’s ok!

Step 4: Using a straight stitch and starting from a bottom corner, at the folded edge, stitch up the side of your hem tape.  Next, using a zig-zag stitch, stitch across the length of the tape.  Switch back to a straight stitch to stitch down the other side.  If you want, you can do another row of zig-zag across the bottom of the tape, near the folded edge.  I did this, just to give it some extra strength.




Step 5: Measure across the top of your bag. 🙂


Step 6: Double that measurement, and cut out a piece of cotton that double measurement x 2″ (mine was 14″ x 2″). Make hem tape just like you did for the bottom of the bag, but this time stitch over the ends once they are folded over.



Step 7: Pin around the top of the bag, catching only a single layer of the netting.  Make sure the ends of the tape are right next to each other.

*Baby Break!*IMG_0581

Ok, back to the tutorial. 🙂  Here’s what your bag should look like at this point:


Step 8: Sew tape to top of bag.  Be sure to backstitch at the ends!   I used a zig-zag stitch.  Now you have created a channel for your drawstring to go through.  Hopefully yours will turn out a little more even than mine did…



Step 9: Prepare your drawstring!  We have SO MUCH baling twine that it is practically coming out our ears, so I figured I would put it to use.  You want your drawstring to be 25″-30″ long.  I tied a knot at each end. 🙂


Last step: Using a safety pin, guide your drawstring through the tape at the top of your bag.  Ta-Da!!!


You now have a beautiful, cheap, eco-friendly produce bag!  Enjoy!






8 thoughts on “DIY Recycled Reusable Produce Bag Tutorial

  1. Bess- I LOVE this bag- but have NO sewing skills. Could you possibly make your ole’ Aunt Jayne a couple (2-3) of them? I have a few 31 products that I can give you that might help you organize your sewing room. Let me know if we can do this! Love to you, Evvie and what’s his name!! (tell Davis I said that!!) And I have to come see you to deliver and pick up!!

      • I looked at the non pattern site, since I can’t sew anything but a button on!! Lots of neat stuff on there! Great dresses/purses and I love it! Let me know about getting together- I really think some of the items I have- they are 31 brand new things that I can’t use- would help organize your sewing space! I would love for you to have them! What I did was sign up to sell it and got an extra add-on kit, then realized that you sell to family & friends and I am just not going to ask my family & friends to have parties- so I have a lot of things I got really cheap! Call me- 678-898-6870! Love you and that sweet Davis and Evvie!! 🙂

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