For You

Hey, you.

We miss you.


We miss you really much.



Everyone is getting bigger.


Some of us are starting to say new words, like “Wi-boo” (River) and “Batman.”


We miss snuggling with you.


We’ve been discovering some new things.  Like nail clippers.



Some of us are even taking a stab at modeling.



Oh, and one of us finally joined the Saucony club!


The two smallest of us cause the biggest one to have this look on her face a lot more than usual without you here to save the day.


We might have gotten you a few presents…


And one of us is becoming quite the photographer.

We cannot wait to see you.  We think about you every day, and can’t wait for you to call.

We love you.


B, E & R

A Simple Skirt For Me


Lately I have had my hands full.

Full with two little ones, full with housework to do and meals to make, full with orders for my toy business.  Full with our fun new adventure overseas.  My hands have been full in a joyful, fun, exciting, sometimes crazy, and a little bit stressful sort of way, so it was very nice to have a few moments this afternoon to whip up a simple gathered skirt for myself.

DSC07031 Our local fabric store had a huge sale this past week.  Two yard cuts of fabric for $5!  Can you imagine?  Of course I went hog-wild.  How could I let such a sale get past me without snagging at least 18 yards of fabric?  Amongst the many lovely fabrics I choose was a beautiful brown, western-ish, old-fashioned stripe that instantly made me think “gathered skirt!”

DSC07072 This was a very simple, easy skirt to make.  I constructed it similarly to this DIY at Extra Petite.  Elastic waistband because, let’s just be honest, they are so much more comfortable (and easy–I needed something that I could whip up while kids were entertained).



Because my time is minimal, I used simple techniques like pinking the seams and machine stitching the hem (I used a long zig-zag stitch).  The end result?  It is love!!!



And of course you ALWAYS have to have a fun pocket lining!


Next in line is this number, in this beautiful cotton (that I purchased 4 yards of for $10 the other day…just had to rub it in!):


Anyeonghasayo from Korea!


Trash Piles


There are a lot of things that I like about Korea.  

Mugs like this


Cute notebooks


Awesome apartment complexes


Things like this


And much more.

But I think one of my favorite things about Korea are the trash piles and the awesome stuff you can find in them.


Now don’t take this the wrong way–I don’t actually like trash, or the way humoungous piles of trash everywhere looks and smells.  Nor do I particularly like the way they do the trash thing here–there are no public trash cans anywhere to be found, so people do things like this:


Which makes things look dirty after awhile.

They try to fool you with these big trash-can-looking things:


Don’t be fooled, American.  These are clothing donation bins.  They are everywhere.  Do not put your trash inside.

In Korea they do not have thrift stores really, so when people are done with items they just put them out in the trash pile.  It is amazing what people will throw away.  Here’s what I found this morning in the pile near our apartment:



I mean, who doesn’t love Rabbit?!  Man, if I only had a place to hang this thing.

Anyway, this post is dedicated to the awesome trash pile finds that we have accrued thus far.  Prepare yourself for the awesomeness.



1. Clock

This was my first trash pile score.  It was something that we needed, but I hadn’t bought yet because I didn’t want to spend the money on a good clock just yet.  I couldn’t believe it when I saw this guy stuck in the pile close to our apartment!  It was a little dirty and did not have batteries, but with some light cleaning and new juice it works and looks great!  I love it!  



2. Little Shelf

I love this shelf.  It’s all shabby chic looking and cute.  I have to figure out how to mount it on a cement wall (because all walls are made of cement here), but as soon as I do it is going up in our teeny tiny laundry room to hold laundry stuffs!



3. Cool Wooden Crate

I. Love. This. Crate.  I didn’t know what I was going to use it for, but I had to take it anyway.  Turns out it works perfectly on our kitchen table!  I put napkins, chop sticks and a water pitcher in there.  Looks so cool!



4. Slightly Bigger Shelf

This shelf was pretty rickety when I found it, but just needed a good cleaning and screw tightening.  It is the perfect shape and size to fit outside our bathroom door and hold towels!



5. Picture Frames

These picture frames are really nice!  Heavy-duty and high quality.  They housed some rather…erm…interesting art.  (Think metallic naked women.  Classy!)  I’m not sure what I am going to put in these yet.  Maybe some photos of the family back home?



6. Toy Kitchen

This might be the best trash pile find yet.  Davis found this one.  It is an adorable little kitchen set!  This thing is nearly perfect, and came with pans, dishes, utensils, play food.  The faucet actually squirts out water.  I would have loved this thing as a kid!  Evvie was spellbound when we showed it to her.  She has been cooking bacon and serving it to us all morning. ;)



7. Plastic Tray

I’ve been wanting to get a tray of some sort to put on top of our ottoman.  These looked a bit gross in the pile, but just had some dusty stuff on them.  After being cleaned up, it looks fantastic!  I’m most likely going to decorate it–maybe something like this.


Are you jealous?  Grossed out?  Intrigued?  Glad you can just go to thrift stores and estate sales instead of having to rummage through trash piles?  THAT is something we thrifters take for granted in the US for sure!


All in all we are really enjoying Korea so far.  We live in a lovely little city.  It’s definitely a lot to get used to for a country girl, but I think it is going to be a fun adventure!

What is your favorite thrift store, yard sale, estate sale, trash pile find?  Tell me about it!




Korea Projects



Hello Blogsphere!

We have successfully relocated and are getting to know our new surroundings.  One of the first places I had to locate was a good fabric store, and locate one I did!

This store is a-MAZ-ing.  Gorgeous cottons, loads of notions, pillow inserts, stuffing, batting, anything and everything you need.  Most of the fabric was $4 a yard.  Yes, you read that right.  FOUR. DOLLARS. A. YARD.

(Or I guess I should say FOUR. THOUSAND. WON. A. YARD.)

So of course I went overboard and bought like a gazillion yards of fabric.  (Not really, but I did buy a LOT.)

My first project was to make some pillows for our sterile beige vinyl couch.


As you can see, this poor couch needed some coziness.  Badly.  So I took some of the beautiful floral cotton that I bought and made some big pillows with pin tucks that I just love.  I also made a couple smaller pillows using a vintage sheet that I brought with me to make stuffies.  Used the sheet for the MC and the floral fabric for details.  I love how they turned out.


My next project, which happened this afternoon, was to re-cover the raggedy pad for the changing table that we were given.  It’s a really cute little table, but the changing pad cover had torn and it was just kinda yucky.


So I bought some really adorable oilcloth and set to work!


Here are some pics of the process, in case you are interested (I know you are).


DSC04174 (Pinning the corners to fit)

DSC04178 (A sewn corner)

DSC04176 (It fits!!!)

DSC04179 (Stuffing the foam pad into the new lining)


I just love how it turned out!  And I feel much better about changing my babies booties on this nice, clean and adorable changing pad!

Well, that is all for now folks.

Wait, one more thing…




1960’s Scalloped Girl’s Jacket


This is a project I’ve been working on for a loooong time.  I could have easily finished it a while ago, but I ran out of red thread for the second buttonhole and just never got back to it.  Funny how something so small and easy to remedy can bring a project to a halt like that.

Anywho, I made this jacket for the daughter of a friend of mine.  This little girl is so darn cute, and I had this urge to make her something adorable to wear.  I’d been wanting to try out this particular jacket pattern for awhile, and just happened to have it in the right size.


The fabric (outer, inner yoke and lining) is all vintage fabric that I have found here and there on my thrifting adventures.  The buttons are also vintage, and you will notice that they do not match exactly.  I think they look cute though!


For some reason I had a difficult time with the first buttonhole (on the left), but the second one I made turned out beautifully.  Go figure.  With buttonholes it seems like there is always at least one that turns out funky no matter how careful you are.  Anyone else have that problem? ;)


Perhaps I can persuade the new owner of this little jacket to send us a lovely photo of her wearing it!


As you have noticed, I have not been posting very much at all lately.  We have been super busy around here getting ready to move.  Thankfully we have already sold our house (yay!) (that was quick!)–that was the biggest concern we had, as we are moving out of the states for a couple years and didn’t want to still have a mortgage over here.  God has blessed us with a smooth path so far!  We move at the end of July.  It’s crazy, super crazy.  But we are so excited!

So I will most likely put all blogging on hold until we are set up in our new living quarters.  We are moving to a country that is very big into sewing and has a ton of great resources, so that should be fun! 

The kiddos are getting so big.  River is already 6 weeks old.  That went by WAY too fast.


Lil’ Chunker.


And my lil’ helper. ;)

Well, I’d better start folding laundry before lil’ chunker wakes up and wants more food.

Until next time,


The Happy How-To


I have to give a shout out to my sister Skylar (also my business partner over at Sweet Cozy Baby).  She blogs, and has been doing a series of “Happy How-To” posts on hair care, skin care, and general heath and wellness (and even some gardening and baking!) that are really fantastic.

She recently teamed up with our other sister, who is a practicing esthetician, to write a post on skin care on a budget.  This is one of my favorites, as I love taking care of my skin, but really can’t afford to purchase the super awesome high quality facial cleansers and such.

So here’s to a happy how-to!

Happy Hair How-To

Happy Face How-To

Happy How-To For Dry/Sensitive Skin and Hair

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