1960′s Scalloped Girl’s Jacket


This is a project I’ve been working on for a loooong time.  I could have easily finished it a while ago, but I ran out of red thread for the second buttonhole and just never got back to it.  Funny how something so small and easy to remedy can bring a project to a halt like that.

Anywho, I made this jacket for the daughter of a friend of mine.  This little girl is so darn cute, and I had this urge to make her something adorable to wear.  I’d been wanting to try out this particular jacket pattern for awhile, and just happened to have it in the right size.


The fabric (outer, inner yoke and lining) is all vintage fabric that I have found here and there on my thrifting adventures.  The buttons are also vintage, and you will notice that they do not match exactly.  I think they look cute though!


For some reason I had a difficult time with the first buttonhole (on the left), but the second one I made turned out beautifully.  Go figure.  With buttonholes it seems like there is always at least one that turns out funky no matter how careful you are.  Anyone else have that problem? ;)


Perhaps I can persuade the new owner of this little jacket to send us a lovely photo of her wearing it!


As you have noticed, I have not been posting very much at all lately.  We have been super busy around here getting ready to move.  Thankfully we have already sold our house (yay!) (that was quick!)–that was the biggest concern we had, as we are moving out of the states for a couple years and didn’t want to still have a mortgage over here.  God has blessed us with a smooth path so far!  We move at the end of July.  It’s crazy, super crazy.  But we are so excited!

So I will most likely put all blogging on hold until we are set up in our new living quarters.  We are moving to a country that is very big into sewing and has a ton of great resources, so that should be fun! 

The kiddos are getting so big.  River is already 6 weeks old.  That went by WAY too fast.


Lil’ Chunker.


And my lil’ helper. ;)

Well, I’d better start folding laundry before lil’ chunker wakes up and wants more food.

Until next time,


The Happy How-To


I have to give a shout out to my sister Skylar (also my business partner over at Sweet Cozy Baby).  She blogs, and has been doing a series of “Happy How-To” posts on hair care, skin care, and general heath and wellness (and even some gardening and baking!) that are really fantastic.

She recently teamed up with our other sister, who is a practicing esthetician, to write a post on skin care on a budget.  This is one of my favorites, as I love taking care of my skin, but really can’t afford to purchase the super awesome high quality facial cleansers and such.

So here’s to a happy how-to!

Happy Hair How-To

Happy Face How-To

Happy How-To For Dry/Sensitive Skin and Hair

Skin Care On A Budget


Toys, toys, toys!


In case you were wondering where in the world I went, I’ve been working hard on a big toy order for my baby toy business, Sweet Cozy Baby!  These little fellas are going to a boutique that sells (amongst other things) baby wraps and carriers.  The owner special ordered some toys to match the wraps that she sells–how cool is that?

My maternity shirt is still sitting, neglected, on the dress form, just waiting to be hemmed.  Poor little shirt.  Or big shirt, I should say.

I hope you have a lovely weekend!


Sale Is Almost Over!


Hello sweet blog readers!  I just wanted to remind you that my 50% off sale at The Vintage Home Sewist will be ending on March 24th.  That’s just THREE MORE DAYS!  After that, I will be closing the shop and selling off my patterns in lots on eBay.  Sigh!

I still have so many lovely patterns that are extremely marked down–if you’ve been perusing the shop and have some favorites, now’s a great time to grab ‘em!  Thank you to all of you who have already helped me clear out my stock the past week or so–you are so very much appreciated!

Oh, and I apologize for not making good on my promise about a post on some topic other than my store.  Things have been a little crazy around here, what with getting the house ready to list and a couple large Sweet Cozy Baby orders.  I’m really hoping to finish up my maternity top next week, because I’d love to actually wear it before I give birth. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend!



First of all, I want to say THANK YOU to every one of you who entered and shared about my giveaway and sale these past couple weeks.  Your shout-outs made a big difference–let’s just say I unloaded a whole lot of store stock this week that I have a feeling would still be on my shelves if it wasn’t for you guys.  You have helped make my move easier–thank you thank you thank you!

Now, on to the matter at hand!  The randomly-selected winners of this glorious giveaway are:

1. Laurie

2. Laurie Brown

3. Gjeometry


You have each won a $50 coupon to spend at The Vintage Home Sewist

If you have won this giveaway, please shoot me an email at bessthemess@gmail.com to receive your coupon code and start shopping!

For the rest of you, all of the patterns in my shop will be 50% off until Monday, March 24th, and there are loads of goodies still available. :)

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for your participation in this giveaway and your help in making the big job of packing up and moving a little bit easier for this pregnant lady. ;)  You guys are awesome!